Automatic Vehicle Location - Radio Comms

Automatic Vehicle Location

The Tascom Total Communications System (TCS) includes the capability for vehicle location. The system utilises Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers connected to the vehicle mobile to report the position back to a base transceiver. ProTRAVEL TRACKER software allows the operator to see the position of each vehicle, together with a status indicator.

Key Benefits

  • Know where your field resources are and their reported status at any given time.
  • Be more efficient - direct resources according to who is available and nearest.
  • Save money - vehicles typically do fewer miles if they are used more efficiently.
  • Save time - If you know where the nearest vehicle is, they can be directed as required in less time.
  • Allows you to be more responsive to your customers.
  • Keeps track of your staff and vehicles.
  • Includes status indication for vital security monitoring of staff and vehicles.
Total Communication Systems (TCS)

The operator is able to send messages to the mobiles, and the mobiles are able to send pre-programmed status messages back. The ProTRAVEL TRACKER software displays the current status of the mobile with a simple colour flag allowing an instant visual indication to the operator.

The system keeps records of the movements of each vehicle The system is able to work with either a single PC or operator position or a number of workstations, depending on the system requirements - contact us to discuss your needs.

Tascom are able to offer this system to customers within the TCS system, however the software also works with other networks - contact us to discuss your requirements.