Smart - Meter Technology - Smart Metering

The Tascom SmartMeter Host (SMH) platform consists of a bearer agnostic communications and control board with links for status, user button control, disconnect, local power monitor and a range of WAN HAN links.  This allows for system creation with a wide range of meters, contactors and external devices such as customer display devices and controllable load equipment or smart appliances.

The system is able to use Zigbee mesh networking and Bluetooth for Home Area Networks (HAN) and WiFi, Ethernet, RS232, GSM/GPRS, POCSAG, FleX, ReFleX and other open and proprietary wide area Network links.

  • Bearer platform capability includes:
    • Zigbee
    • Bluetooth
    • GSM / GPRS
    • WiFi
    • WiMax
    • Ethernet
    • RS232
    • POCSAG (one-way)
    • FLEX (one-way)
    • ReFLEX
    • Wireline carrier
    • M-Bus
    • Modbus
    • UMI
  • Other interfaces for
    • Local current measurement
    • Local disconnect
    • Local connect / reset button
    • Applied power safety lockout
    • Status LEDs
    • Meter interface
    • Drive-by radio link
  • Low quiescent power “green” SMPSU with high power mode for local transmitter
  • Network loadable firmware upgrades for low lifetime cost
  • Interval and/or event based reporting to the utility
  • Uses include
    • Automatic meter reading
    • Smart meter customer information provision
    • Flexible day/time based multi-tariff provision
    • Load control / limiting
    • Pre-payment solutions
    • Consumer communications / status displays
    • Smart grid networks
    • Forwarding of metering data from Gas and Water meters (advanced Metering Infrastructure AMI)


Tascom SMH Module as installed in Itron meter.

Tascom Smart Meter Host features:

  • 2A high efficiency SMPSU for low quiescent current supply
  • Local programming port for field service/upgrade/commissioning
  • Over-air capable firmware upgrade/commissioning data install
  • 2 x addressable local peak current detect for load management / programmable circuit breaker use
  • 2 x Wide Area Network  Interface
  • 1 x Home Area Network Interface
  • Meter interface
  • Local user button interface
  • 2 x status LEDs (indicate network links / contactor status etc.)
  • 200A contactor driver (pulsed magnetic latching type)
  • 2-wire contactor status sensor input
  • 8 x GPIO relay drivers for auxiliary equipment / indicators
  • Load backfeed sensor
  • Non Volatile memory to store setup / historical event & read register data
  • Embedded device addressing for individual and dynamic group identification (16 groups)
  • Contactor timers
  • Credit counter flags with event reporting on %age credit left for prepayment use
  • Interval and/or event based reporting
  • Over-air / open network message encryption capability for security
  • Communications concentrator capability with other meters
  • Compliance to ANSI C12.10 / ANSI C37.90.1 / UL508
  • MTBF >> 100,000 hours


Tascom Smart Meter Host board installed in Itron Meter.

Tascom Smart Meter Host board benefits:

  • Low market entry cost
  • Flexibility of smart grid creation
  • Extensive feature set
  • Low residual quiescent energy burn
  • Rapid adaptation to alternative Meters / Networks & other infrastructure
  • Integration with existing systems